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Voiceover Artist

Damian Nicholas is one of Melbourne’s most respected and in-demand voiceovers. Having spent years behind the mic, on stage and in front of the camera, Damian is the complete package. A true professional voice artist, who loves what he does and brings all his experience and enthusiasm to every job. From stripped back reads to corporate narration, full retail to a range of characters and even live TV voiceovers; when it comes to voiceovers, there is nothing that fazes him.

Damian’s versatility has seen him feature as the signature voice of high-profile national TV or radio campaigns for Disney, Red Rooster, Toyota, ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’, Metricon, World Vision, Easy Living Furniture, Crazy John’s, ‘Dirty Dancing’ and many more.

In the world of narration, he’s been the voice of ‘FIBA World Basketball’ for fourteen seasons and has voiced a raft of TV shows, specials and corporate videos for both the Australian and overseas markets, including ‘AFL International’.

He was chosen as the first person to give a voice to iconic Aussie chocolate character Caramello Koala, slid into the role of GoodNuff in the 2013 kids’ series ‘ZuZu & The Supernuffs’ and packed about 30 characters into 30 seconds for a duo of TVCs for the iconic Royal Melbourne Show.

He got menacing for a Halloween campaign for Melbourne’s iconic Luna Park and even sang for The Pancake Parlour (last track on demo… be scared).

And if that’s still not enough versatility for you, Damian’s been your friendly live voiceover guy on Channel 7’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ since 2010 and was the announcer on ‘Million Dollar Minute’, also on Channel 7.

You want versatile? Go ahead and hit play on that demo.

Download MP3 Demo: Damian Nicholas’ 2020 Voiceover Demo.

Voice work

2003-2004TV commercials – Red Rooster
2006-2019​TV show narration “FIBA World Basketball”
2007​​TV hosting/segment narration “The Scene” (9 Network)
2007-2008/2012​TV show narration “ICC Cricket World”
2007-2013​Radio commercials – Crazy John’s
2008-2011Radio commercials – Lexus Of Brighton
2008-2011Radio commercials – Metricon
2008-2009TV commercials – Metricon
2009Radio commercials – Disney
2009​Online character animation – Caramello Koala/Sharvi (freddo.com.au)
2009-2010​Radio commercials – RACV
2010-2012​TV show narration “The World Game”
2010-2011​TV commercials – Royal Melbourne Show
2010-2014TV voiceovers (live) “Dancing With The Stars” (7 Network)​
2010-2011Radio commercials – The Pancake Parlour​
2011​TV commercial – World Vision
2011-2012Radio commercials – Luna Park
2011-2012Online narration – carsales.com.au
2012​TV commercials – AFL (various)
2012-2013​TV commercials – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
2012​Radio commercials – George Michael tour
2012-2013​TV show narration – AFL International
2012​Radio commercials – Kraft
2012​TV character animation – Zuzu & The SuperNuffs (GoodNuff)
2012TV commercials – Crazy John’s​
2012​Radio commercials – IGA
2013​TV commercials – Bookworld
2013-2015TV narration – Football Headliners
2013-2015​TV voiceovers – Million Dollar Minute (7 Network)
2013TV commercials – The Illusionists
2013-2014Radio & TV commercials “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”
2014Shrine Of Remembrance Melbourne
2014-2016TV show narration “National Icons”
2014-2015Radio & TV commercials “Dirty Dancing”
2014-2015Radio commercials “City Jeep”
2014-2017Radio commercials “Jupiter’s Casino”
2015Radio commercials “IGA Liquor”
2015TV character animation “Arabian Nights” (Prince Achmed)
2015TV voiceovers “Dancing With The Stars” (7 Network)
2015Radio commercials “Dairy Australia”
2015Radio commercial “Luna Park”
2015-2019Radio commercials “Lexus”
2015-2016Radio commercials Christmas Countdown (ARN)​
2015-2016Radio commercials Luna Park
2016Radio commercials Lost Dog’s Home
2016Radio commercials Melbourne Career Expo
2016Radio commercials The Production Company
2016Radio commercials Tipple
​Radio/TV commercials A Day On The Green (nationally)
2016​TV commercial Nederlands Dance Theatre
2016-2019TV show narration Deuce
2016-2017TV show narration Football Stars
2017Radio commercials Dawson’s Pest Control
2017Radio commercials Greyhound Racing Victoria
2015-2018Radio commercials “Star Gold Coast”
2016-2018TV Commercials “Spotjobs Career Expo”
2018TV commercial for “Bring It On The Musical”